My Collection Teaser

2024 Collection Teaser: Production and Postproduction by Pet and Flo (Peter Goeltenboth & Florian Giefer), Model Tammy Tamthananun and Ben van Heyden

An excerpt from my current work:

Aporia Collection Item 2022 production by Surya Pohly, Model Emilia Seitz


With my collection with the working title: THE OUTSIDE AND THE INSIDE OF DECISIONS I want to represent the interrelationship between fashion and sustainability.

The fashion aspect (THE OUTSIDE) stands for the optical design decisions (DECISIONS) and sustainability for the decisions that affect fashion, such as material and the way of working (THE INSIDE).

From a design perspective, it was important to me to work with free organic shapes and structures in my project. The resulting object is intended – like an oversized accessory – to partially cover the body and, above all, to decorate it.

A feeling of Greek sculpture was important to me. The traces of time and weather in Greek sculptures, which can be found in the superficial structure of my object, represent aspects of transience.

The materials I chose were intended to reduce the use of chemicals in the product cycle. In particular, the manufacturing process, as well as the integration into the circular cycle of the material and the material intention, namely to use a malleable and stable material, had to be taken into account.

The material used is, on the one hand, recycled and unbleached paper, which, in combination with binding agents, could be shaped into the silhouette I wanted through targeted layering. This means that the object is made from recycled material and is itself recyclable. Layering also made it possible to work in such a way that waste could be reduced to a minimum.

On the other hand, the external coloring consists of ecological clay paint and thus serves as a replacement for the use of chemical dyes.

In addition to the aspects mentioned above, my intention with this work was that the decision for sustainable production does not only have to refer to functional clothing, but that the resulting object can also stand on its own.